New Zealand’s Small Business Nation Report 

We work with around 150,000 businesses across New Zealand. But we believe there’s always room to support them better. So, with our research partner Dynata, we surveyed 1,000 small Kiwi businesses during July and August 2020 – and turned our findings into a report that anyone can access for free.


To better understand the impact that Covid-19 has had on Kiwi businesses, we began by listening. Asking how satisfied owners are with their performance in 2020. Getting a clear picture of the digital divide, and how that affects business recovery. And identifying their goals, so we can better support them by delivering the digital marketing services they need to bounce back in 2021.

"As we lean into the recovery of the small business economy, we wanted to understand how we could help, and we knew we needed to start by listening. This research is the beginning of an ongoing conversation and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with  small businesses, with government, and with industry bodies to identify and deliver on the initiatives that will best support and aid New Zealand’s small business nation to recover, and to thrive."
- Darren Linton, Yellow CEO